JavaScript | React | Redux | Ruby on Rails | Web Sockets | PostgreSQL | JSON | CSS3 | HTML5

Racket is a real time chatting platform pixel perfect tribute to Discord. Racket allows you to create private/invite-only servers to send and receive messages through a RESTful application.

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D20 Clicker

JavaScript | CSS3 | HTML5

Idle Game where you roll a 20 sided dice and take over the world! =)

D20 Clicker is a full JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 application. No extra libraries were used. As other idle games, gameplay is very straight forward: Click on the big die and see those points rolling. Repeat until you can buy an upgrade. Until infinity. If you can.

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Pineapple Beaches

JavaScript | MongoDB | React | Redux | Node.js | Express.js | SCSS3 | HTML5

Single page application where users can interact with posts and beaches to understand more information about local or travel locations which involve beaches. With real time weather data provided by a third party Web API.

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Shoot'em All

Control your ship and destroy the enemies

Soon to be available for download

Black Wolf Trading Tool

Windows Guild Wars 2 API Tool

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About Diego Bueno

Positive, Polite and Professional at all times, I am a force to be reckoned with. Bringing sharp software development skills to multi cultural teams, I enjoy working through problems with method. Like a digital detective uncovering the nastiness of a mysterious bug.

I started my career in programming by making automation scripts for Ultima Online, since then I have developed games in C / C ++, Windows applications and now I specialize in Web Development. I work through a full stack, engineering the backend on Ruby on Rails and Node.js. Managing both SQL and NoSQL databases like PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I also implement the frontend functionality and designs using JavaScript, React and CSS.

My most recent project is a fully responsive, pixel perfect tribute to Discord, called Racket. A live chatting platform that connects the client and server through WebSockets. By using Action Cable I leveraged my Rails MVC backend and connected it to my React / Redux frontend. Allowing real time updating and interaction between users. For this project I chose to use PostgreSQL as my relational database, and a RESTful API approach.

I live in the intersection between science and technology, always looking for ways to make things more efficient and sustainable. With a strong background in science and retail, I am ready to hit the ground running.

When I am not converting awesome ideas into real world applications, I enjoy leading intrepid adventurers into the clutches of unknown destiny. Unfolding a mysterious story and fighting creatures from the multiverse.